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With the first month of 2018 coming to an end, below is where I plan to place my focus in February.

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    Photography – Although I was able to reignite my passion for photography, I have not been completing the weekly challenges. Not completing the challenges is due to my desire to be able to edit the photos and not just keep collecting them. When I do head out to snap photos, I will certainly implement the challenge because I like to incorporate the ideas of others, especially those related to macro photography.

  2. Lightroom – To complete my “circle of passion”, I have been learning Lightroom. I even get up at 4am to learn more. I am definitely a novice and will continue to learn but I feel more confident than I ever have using image editing software. Going forward, I can now determine specific components of Lightroom that I want to use and seek that training.
  3. silhouette-3087517_640.pngCalmness – I stress out about everything, even when I know that stressing has never changed an outcome. Each day, I have to tell myself to “let it go”. I will focus on letting go of stress because being stress-free feels really good. Even when things do not go the way I want, finding the good and learning from the experience feels better than even a tiny bit of stress.
  4. Savings – Learning to save has been a real adventure but now, I would not have it any other way. In the past, I have done the 52 Week Challenge to save money but I have progressed to where I can save without a challenge. I plan to continue to collecting my pennies and buy less. My Feb mission is to eat what is in my pantry without making a trip to the grocery store (for pantry items). Months ago, I cleaned the pantry but there is one bin that I have not touched since I put food in it during the effort. It is time for me to dig into that bin and eat the food. Then, I will stock the bin with the items that I do eat that currently do not have a designated spot.
  5. Blogging – Although my blogging has been very sporadic, I do love it. This month, I have cleaned up the back end, installed some new plugins, and taken a course to learn more about analytics and optimization. I feel more confident in my understanding of the topics but I will continue learning. I will spend some time going back and adding keywords to old posts, which will definitely take time.
  6. Purpose – Overall, everything that I plan to do going forward will be done with purpose. I will no longer do anything that I do not enjoy for longer than it takes me to figure out how to change it.

What are you planning for February?



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