Things I Whisper to Myself


Things I whisper to myself:

  • I hope it’s going to be okay. I worry about everything. Even when I know things are going to be okay, my mind helps me travel paths that would drive a normal person to the brink of insanity.
  • Did I make the right decision? No matter the decision, I worry about having made the right one. See the first bullet.
  • What if? Even when I know things are going to be fine, I create scenarios in my head of the worst possible outcomes with all the conversation to go along.
  • I am good enough. Sometimes, I wonder if I have done enough to help others and I have to tell myself that whatever I have done is enough. That although I can continue to strive to do better, what I have done to this point is enough and I have to find comfort in that.
  • WTF are you doing? This usually happens when I have been sitting on the couch for hours, mindlessly swiping through the same three screens on my phone or when I walk into the kitchen to eat after I just finished eating.
  • I cannot believe I have a boyfriend. We are in year three and I still think, What the hell am am I doing with a boyfriend?  Am I doing this right? What if (never mind this one, i already mentioned it above)?
  • SONY DSCI cannot believe I have a dog. Well, the dog and I are in year 3+ and I still look at him and think, what am I doing with a dog? Then, he does something adorable and I tell him how lucky I am to have him.
  • I found my passion. Years ago, Iwatched the documentary, “A Man Called Pearl” and since that time, I have always wondered if I would ever come close to having a passion that inspired me to push beyond my limits. After purchasing an amazing printer, I realized that photography has always been my passion, I was just missing a piece to complete the process. Now, I am up at 4am learning and working on my images.

What do you whisper?

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