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I started this blog to write about my life. To explore how my thoughts and beliefs have changed over time, and how my life is impacted by events, past and present.

Often, I have been embarrassed to share details about my life and decisions that I have made. Everyone has some fear of being judged in a negative way. I keep it all inside and present to the world that “everything is fine”.

On this blog, I will open myself up to friends and strangers because I truly have nothing to hide. I know there is no shame in living life the best way that I know how. As I learn more, I make changes in the ways that react and interact with others. I do not believe I can ask for more.

This blog will also serve as an outlet for thoughts that roll around in my head. These thoughts waste my valuable time. Getting them out of my head and on “paper” frees me to focus on more important things.

I know that you will not find everything that I writing meaningful but I hope that you will find at least one post useful to your life/way of thinking.

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