For the first time in years, I have taken two vacations in 2013. Not only have I vacationed but I have taken my two ‘grandkids” along. First, we cruised with Disney and then we visited Arizona. Our trip to Az was due to my winning two domestic airline tickets and because both girls, at different times, asked me to take them on an airplane. They are 3 and 6 and it’s very hard to think of places to go that they will enjoy.

My friend owns a KOA campground and immediately offered us a cabin if we came. I did not have any expectations other than the cabin. Once there, I was struck by her generosity. She not only supplied our linens but she also drove us everywhere. She even let us get whatever we needed from her store. When the 3 year old caused smoke to come bellowing out of the golf cart, she didn’t yell at her. The minute that she knew we were awake each morning, she came right over to find out our plans and to see what we were going to eat. She even took the girls with her several times, which gave me a moment to breath. The girls are no trouble but everyone welcomes a moment to refresh. Having spent 4 days with my friend, I have seen a side of her that I never realized existed and I am thankful that we are friends.

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