Thinking About Writing

Years ago, I came to the conclusion that if I am thinking about something or doing something, thousands of other people are also in the same boat.  I guess that means that I really don’t believe that I am very unique. Well, at least not in the everyday way of doing things.

I would have thought that after getting 3 degrees that I would be an avid reader and writer. If thinking about reading and writing counts for anything then I hit the jackpot years ago. I spend many hours a week thinking about reading and writing but beyond work requirements, neither activity ever happens. It is worth noting that as a child, I read the encyclopedia on the weekends. As a younger adult, I could read several hundred pages in a weekend.

I have read articles that provide tips to help one find time to complete these activities. Apparently, reading the articles is enough for me. No future actions occur.

The problem is not that I cannot find anything interesting to read or write about. I have hundreds of digital books and lots of passion-filled ideas. I bet many can relate to this. How do I change this behavior? Perhaps, this is age related.

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