Fierce, to me, is not the drag queen who struts on stage without hesitation or care. It is not the person who pretends to have courage when he/she really has none. It is not the person who pushes through a crowd or any other situation to get whatever he/she wants without regard for others.

Fierce people know who they are and what they believe and they make no apologies but they do not force their fierceness on anyone or any situation. Without any effort, they are able to easily control how much or how little “fierceness” they release to the world. This person has the ability to judge each situation and determine how much force to exert. Fierceness does not mean “always on high speed”. Consider any animal that one might find fierce and that animal has a soft/gentle side that exists along side the kill instinct. However, that animal likely does not spend its entire life on full fierce, killing everything it encounters. Those who are fierce are able to manage their fierceness based on the situational awareness.

The person who is fierce is respectful, kind, and giving but will not be taken advantage of and, after much consideration and deep thought, will stand up to right a wrong. Fierce is about knowing who you are and being able to manage it.

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