Embracing Each Day


When I wake up each morning, I wake up happy. Within moments of being awake, I always think of something that makes me happy, no matter how small. I have done this for so long that it happens without me even thinking about it.

I find happiness when I cannot move because my dog is nestled right next to me. I am thankful that he seems to find me agreeable to the point that he must sleep touching me. Of course, I could also find the annoyance in that too but why?

I am thankful that several people feel that I am good enough to be apart of their daily lives. No one, not one single person, has to allow me into their lives but they do. Day after day, sometimes several times a day, these people text me or call to talk to me. How can this not add happiness to my day! I will always find happiness in knowing that at least one person takes the time to think of me each day.

I wake up and often think how much happiness certain people bring to my life. I think this thought without even trying. Sometimes, the happiness makes me cry a little.


The “grands” and I go to Starbucks each Friday for breakfast. They eat the same thing and the youngest places the order on the way there. They love the routine and that the baristas know us by name. This week, we changed the routine and went today and I realized that I look forward to the trip too. This morning, we had a lot of time to spare so we were able to relax and everyone got to do exactly what they wanted to do. Not one time did I say, “hurry up, you are going to be late for school” or “if you don’t finish, you are going to be hungry later”. We simply enjoyed our morning, spent a lot of money, and they went to school happy.

Everyday, we have conversations that lead to them or all of us, learning something new. Today, we learned what stars are made of and what makes them shine. “Ask Google” was a contributor to our discussion and made us a little happier.

As I was driving to work, I thought, what an amazing morning this has been and I smiled.

Trust me, there are other things going on in my life that do not make me smile (I am thinking of you, Wells Fargo) but I would be a fool to spend time focusing in those areas.

Annoyances come and go but happy is always there, you just have to dig a little deeper and after a while, you may find that happy is a way of being that requires no effort at all.

How do you step back, take a moment, and find your happiness?

Happy Thursday!


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