Here we are….2018

To discuss 2018, I must go back to 2017. As you might recall, I spent almost the entire year crying and feeling very disconnected from everything. Then, one day I walked into my office and said, “I’m done!” and I knew that I had to quit my job and figure out my life.

September 2017 the contract ended that I was working on but we were given three, 1 month extensions. By the first of October, I knew that it was going to take all the strength I had to make it to October 27, which is when I planned to quit. Then, it was announced that everyone on the team would receive a layoff notice and, I was told, with a layoff I could collect the few pennies that is Florida’s unemployment. The fact that I had been saving money and organizing my finances for several years meant that unemployment would simply be “icing” on top of my existing funds. So, I stayed until October 27th and took the layoff.

What have I been doing since then? Lots! Nothing!

It is amazing how ones thoughts change when there is money in the bank. When I had no savings, I worried about money ALL THE TIME. Once I began saving and knew that I could cover emergencies, I never worry about money. Actually, now I just think about ways that I can spend less and squirrel away more. So, with the layoff, I have not spent one single second worrying about money, I have done well spending the money that I put aside in a moderately conservative manner, and I will not have to dip into my emergency fund, or touch my 401k. It took me double digit years to reach this place with my finances.

What about finding a job, you might be wondering. Well, I have done my weekly searches as required by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to collect unemployment. Beyond that I have been mostly decompressing from the previous job stresses and as usual I am working to improve things about myself that I find less than inviting. One thing I am working on is patience. Another is learning some new stuff. My major plan related to work is to have a job by March 4th, which will allow me to keep some money in my savings account. I am confident of success.

What have you been doing in the first month of 2018?

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