That Thing Called LOVE

Fantasies and Realities of Love


  • Fantasy:  If I say “I love you” it means we are together forever.
  • Reality: If I say “I love you”, I always will but we may part ways in the future.
  • Fantasy: I will never make you sad and you will always make me happy.
  • Reality: Love does not prevent sleepless nights and horrible days at work. That’s life and we will have disagreements. But, at the end of the day, you are the person that I want to fall asleep next to because my love for you is unconditional.
  • Fantasy: I will always do everything the right way because I love you.
  • Reality: Let me be clear, I will fuck things up. I will say the wrong things. I will overreact. I will just be plain wrong! Through it all, my love for you will remain firm.
  • Fantasy: You will say it when I say it, everytime I say it.
  • Reality: I will feel love for you and say the words when I am ready. I have no expectation that you will do it in the same way or at the same time or ever.
  • Fantasy: Love is the same for everyone
  • Reality: Love manifests differently because people are different. Recognizing those differences and knowing a person’s character will reveal love. It does not always come as words.

Love is:

  • Mine to own
  • A feeling that I have
  • A moment that I choose to share
  • Never attached to anything else
  • Never conditional
  • Without expectations
  • Without baggage
  • Strong
  • Enduring

Lesson from a Seven Year Old


She said, “Carolyn, I simply love you!”

At that moment, I thought, exactly, it does not get an more simple than that.

LOVE just because you can and want nothing in return! 

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