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The Barkley Marathon
Running Ultramarathons

The Barkley Marathon is an ultramarathon trail race held in Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee. Runners may elect a “fun run” of 60 miles or the full course of 100 miles. (Wikipedia)

What intrigues me most about this race and ultramarathons in general is the endurance and perseverance required to complete such a race. I read about them and realize that, although I would love to participate in one someday, I do not believe that I would push beyond the first bit of pain. If I could do it at my own pace and finish when I finish, that would be great. I think you can take from this, I am not a competitive person.

Back to the Barkley Marathon. Reading the stories and watching videos of this years marathon serves to reinforce that we are all human and no matter how tough we think we are, there is always something out that will conquer us. Marathon participants are the best of the best but the course defeats all but a few.  The first race occurred in 1986 and to date, only 15 runners have finished within the 60 hour time limit. More than 1000 people have attempted the full course.

In 2017, Gary Cantrell, finished 6 seconds after the allowed time but he also went off course so it would not have mattered. In 2016, 1 person finished.

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