Why I Blog

In the last few months, I have read several blogs, tweets, news reports, and Facebook Status Updates that contain statements that I have an opinion about. It is not that I disagree with what I have read, it is simply that I want to say more than the forum will allow.

Not so many years ago, one or two significant events appeared in the news each week. Usually one national and one international. Today, the Internet allows for several news events each hour. With the overabundance of news, comes of course, lots of opinions and ideas.

On Facebook, I have found it interesting that people post articles and status updates related to current events but they only want responses that support their beliefs. I guess I am cut from a different cloth. If I post it, I want to hear everyone’s opinion even if it is counter to what I believe. I understand not everyone feels the same about current events but I am definitely willing to hear what others have to say.

At the office, we talk about communities of practice, but in reality, there are topics that we do not discuss because, given time,  someone will find the conversation offensive. I get it, because there is always one that will go too far. However, I also do not feel we should have to keep all of our opinions, feelings, and beliefs muffled because someone might not agree. For this reason, I will also discuss work topics when appropriate.

As much as I would like to say that no topic is off limits, rest assured I am not so naive as to believe that things that I write here will not make it back to the boss’s ear grossly misinterpreted. So, I will write with as much openness as I can while still holding many of my deeper beliefs close or I will frame the conversation in a generic way.

My inaugural post is a bit longer than I intended but I hope it clearly defines why I blog. I will not blog about family or my daily activities. I save those for my personal journal that I keep for the girls. This blog will focus in a very different direction. Hopefully, some will join me on this new adventure.

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