Reasons to Stay

For the last year, not a day has gone by that I have not consider closing my Facebook account. I often say to friends, Facebook is boring because few people say or do anything with substance. What about the people who simply “Like” everything! Boring! Facebook is a waste of my time and my intellect is crying for more inspiration!

Then, just like in real life, I read something posted on a Wall and I immediately send a private message to the individual. We have an intimate conversation that no one else is aware of. Typical, these conversations occur with people that I am or have been close friends with. During these conversations, money is sent to help with an unexpected situation, praise, thanks,  or support are exchanged. I also enjoy the conversations that talk about life; how we have grown since Jr High and who or what we have become.

I also find the private chats humbling. I frequently post to Facebook and like many, I wonder if anyone reads my posts. Sure,  I can get 30 Likes but that to me is not real feedback. So, when someone messages me to say how much they enjoy what I have to say, it makes me thankful for my Facebook group and it encourages me to stick around.

My experience on Facebook is just another moment that serves to remind me that looking beyond what is right in my face can reveal great rewards. Perhaps, the “Forrest for the trees” saying is also appropriate. Whichever it is, I am not leaving Facebook. Albeit privately, Facebook does provide a platform to share comfort, conversation, understanding, and compassion. Privately, I am able to rekindle or form relationships that would not be possible otherwise.

It is my intent to stop thinking about closing my account. I plan to continue posting and being bored with what some people are posting. To this, I will add my appreciation for the support that I give/receive behind the scenes. I will also become thankful for the new opportunities that Facebook has made possible.

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