My Affection for Starbucks Baristas

IMG_20170731_170446So, I am sitting here at the Starbucks with the almost 8-year-old. She is watching You Tube videos and I am reading magazines on my computer. I think back to the time when, none of this was possible. I have become a person who is so old that “I can remember when…” In this case, I can remember when internet, WIFI, Starbucks, touchscreen computers, and a data plan that includes the hotspot feature did not exist (I still have no idea whether to capitalize WIFI, hotspot, or internet – I just alternate). Yes, I am that old. The almost 8-year old is so young that this is the norm for her. Scary that she and I exist in the same world.

Some people do not understand how/why I want to come to Starbucks and work/browse when I can easily do this from home. My reason is that I like the activity, the constant flow of people and conversation. Now, I am not involved in these conversations but I find it to be a nice change of pace from my normal, sit at home, listen to TV, look at the same walls and click around on my phone.

I am also a curious person and I like to hear the conversations between the Baristas and the customers, especially when the person is in a hurry and their drink is not ready. Equally as enjoyable is when the Barista says, “Hey, you ordered this drink but it is not what you usually get.” The person tells the Barista she is right and thanks her profusely for catching the error.

My point, come to a Starbucks a few times and they quickly know who you are and your brew. How many times would you have to go to Walmart before they know who you are? Stop laughing!

During the school year, we come here at least twice each week, sometimes more. When we walk in, we are greeted by name. As a matter of fact, one day a customer said, “Good morning Carolyn.” I looked at her and started racing through my brain to figure out how I knew her. Well, after a moment, I realized that I did not, she knew my name because the Baristas know us! Cool, a little scary, but in the end, very cool.

I just changed the title of this post from “Desk Portability” to “My Affection for Starbucks Baristas” because, regardless of what I come here for, a quick stop or temporary home, they are pretty fantastic. Also, sitting at the counter has some nifty perks. You can watch them make the drinks (I had a moment of wanting to work here so that I could figure out how the hell they remember all those drinks -then I realized the Baristas would immediately call me “the sweet old lady” and that can wait for a few more years), if there is an error, you might get a free drink, and if the manager is your buddy, when a new drink comes out (think Unicorn Frapp), the kids will get a sample of the syrup and then a sample of the complete drink. In the case of the Unicorn Frapp, we did not even know what we had until we were leaving. I can bet you we were one of the first to try it on the east coast because we were here at 8am on release day.

One more thing, you might be a part of this, Barista walks up to the computer, stares at it in shock, and says, UMMMMMMM! I say, just hit delete. Whatever the problem, delete is the answer!

Alright, I have fawned over Starbucks Baristas enough. I hope you enjoyed a lighter post.




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