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Getting Beyond the Next Few Minutes

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe My Solloquy blog recently published a post titled “Life-value and the third currency“. The author, in this well-written post, describes how we measure value based on money, time, and experience.  While reading this post, I returned to one of my personal beliefs, … Continue reading

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Reading Time: 1 minuteFierce people know who they are and what they believe and they make no apologies but they do not force their fierceness on anyone or any situation. Continue reading

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Life in Pieces of Changing Perspective

Reading Time: 4 minutesCarrying a gun. Who does it? Well, for as long as I have known anything about guns and have been able to make my own decisions, I have, without hesitation, been opposed to carrying a gun. Let me be clear, … Continue reading

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I am…

Reading Time: 4 minutesGoing through old drafts, I found this list from a year ago and I thought you might enjoy it. A Woman. Feminine, sexual, sensitive, determined, funny, professional, silly, emotional, stern, attractive, flawed, alive, afraid. Emotional. I feel everything very deeply. … Continue reading

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Life in Pieces of Connections

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhat I am about to write brings to mind the phrase “a slippery slope” because with each thought, I am struggling with whether to write what I am feeling and risk slipping into too many emotions or to abandon the … Continue reading

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Life in Pieces of Exercise

Reading Time: 3 minutesI cannot say that I do it consistently, but overall, I love to exercise. By “exercise”, I mean that I love to go outside and walk/run around the neighborhood or on local trails. I take my dog with me and … Continue reading

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Life in Pieces

Reading Time: 4 minutesEveryone has a story and for many years, I have thought that I should write mine. This endeavor would be mostly for my benefit and less for the benefit of the reader. However, if the reader should achieve some level … Continue reading

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