A Short Piece on Silence

What can I say about “silence“?  What I want to do is stop now and leave the page blank but hey, that would only be fun for a second.


My world is never silent. Even when no one is talking and the TV is on mute, there are always a million thoughts going through my head.

If I am reading an article, I am thinking about the next thing that I will read or wondering if the author has covered all that I need to know. Sometimes, in the middle of an article, I think about something completely unrelated, and I am off to gain new knowledge on a new topic. My deepest gratitude goes out to Google for my ability to find anything that I want to know in less than a minute and to Samsung for making a phone with a 5.7 inch screen.

Sometimes, one of the “grands” will appear and ask, “Why is it so quiet in here?!” I say, that is the way it should be. Just the thoughts in my head, the sounds of nature, traffic passing, and the random dog barking or rooster crowing.


The Silence of: Waiting for a Crumb to Drop

4:30 am morning walks provide the most amazing silence. The thoughts in my head eventually give way to the music playing in my ears. On a great morning, when I am at peace, this occurs within a few moments of getting started. On a good morning, it may take an hour but eventually, I get there…silence.


4:30am at the top of a University of Central Florida’s Parking Garage

I wish that driving provided silence but “the idiot that just did…” prevents me from staying in a silent place for long. Wait! I prevent silence because I allow the distraction.

Sunday mornings are reserved for trailing walking with the dog. So much silence. He starts to cry the moment we arrive because he knows what he gets to do – explore and pee on everything or at least raise his leg and pretend (I have noticed this action lately). Then, after 2.2 miles, he gets to run free and roll and frolick in the tall wet grass and drink from the Econolochacee River. He pulls me down the trail until we arrive at his coveted spot.



Yes, this is my silence. I may start out thinking about life but eventually, I arrive at the silence and peace of the river. For the last few weeks, a palm tree has been dragging in the water allowing the river to make a rushing sound. I could stay and listen to this sound all day but I have to watch to make sure the dog does not get eat by a gator and at some point, we have to trek back to the car.


The Econlockhatchee River

What does silence sound like to you?

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