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I have 10 minutes to come up with a topic, write, edit, and publish. I am struggling with this but something will come… soon. I wonder why the creator of the topic picked 10 minutes and not 15 or even five?  It is intriguing to me so I guess 10 minutes is the “sweet spot”.


I will spend one minute to say that I am very appreciate to all of those who read Change Our Thinking and have gone out on a ledge and clicked the “Follow” button. With each new follower, I am inspired to write more and spend time making this site something that is visually appealing with interesting content. If I had to pick my favorite post thus far, it is, A Short Piece on Silence. This post is the result of the WordPress, Daily Writing Prompt and it is one of the few that I had no idea how it would unfold before I started. In the end, I am very happy with the outcome.

A photo by Sergey Zolkin. unsplash.com/photos/E0Spm6XXn2Y

Blogging has not been easy, especially when I realized how much content I must create to make the site meaningful to visitors. A few months ago, I figured I would write a few posts each month and that would be enough. Nope. If I want people to visit my site, and I do, I need to have “fresh” and “new” content. I am working on this approach but some days, there is just nothing that I can come up with. So, if you have an idea, I would love to hear it and I will do my best to turn your idea into a great post.

This morning, while sitting in traffic, watching the taillights in front of me, I realized that I was wasting time. So, I picked up my phone and started reading lifehack.org. I discovered this site about a week ago and I love the content. The writers cover so many different topics from relationships to health and fitness. I can only guess but they must have more than 100 people that contribute content. The best part is, the content is high quality and useful.  If you are thinking, “Why are you reading and driving?” I am not driving. We roll along for at least 2 miles at less than 10 mph. Every morning, this is my life. I am glad that I have found a way to use the time in a way that makes me smile.

Well, I think most of the ten minutes are gone and it is time to edit and publish. I was a little stressed while writing this (I know, I know, but I stress for pointless reasons sometimes) but, I came up with something to share so, I am happy.

If you had only 10 minutes to write, edit, and publish, what topic would you choose?

Here is the list of “365 Days of Writing Prompts” (select the format from the list at the top). Maybe you will find a topic that makes you want to share your thoughts with the world!




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