October 9,2016 – A Random List of Things I Know

  1. face-1683128_640Exercise has to be a “want to” not a “have to” for it to be a long term success.
  2. Reducing calories is more beneficial than exercise when trying to lose weight.
  3. Toe socks are a vital part of my exercise routine. They keep my toes from rubbing and creating blisters.
  4. Getting up early is easier than laying in bed, thinking about getting up, and making excuses.
  5. Sometimes it is better to be compassionate than to be right. Always needing to be right right can become lonely.
  6. Getting up and going outside can improve your mood in a very short period of time.
  7. Removing sugar from my diet did not make me feel energized or amazing. I feel the same.
  8. Gradually and without planning, swapping non-filling foods for those that are allowed me to not eat 1200 calories before noon.
  9. Recording what I plan to eat keeps me from grazing. I do not have moments where I wonder what I am going to eat, which leads to eating everything in sight on my way to a decision.
  10. A lifestyle change does take a long time.At the point that I am telling everyone how much I have changed, I probably have not. I usually realize that I have changed, in retrospect.
  11. 9 year olds are maddening. Loving and maddening.
  12. No matter how many movies and shows are available on Netflix and Hulu, there will come a point where, there is nothing to watch.
  13. weather-1611702_640Fear of hurricanes is real. Lilapsophobia is an abnormal fear of tornadoes or hurricanes. Lilapsophobia is considered the more severe type of astraphobia, which is a fear of thunder and lightning.
  14. Good things often end but there is usually something even better that is about to begin.
  15. Waking up every morning and knowing that I would pick my partner again always sets the pace for a good day.
  16. The people in my life inspire me to be better and do better things.
  17. Knowing when to speak and when to be silent is an art form that takes a lifetime to perfect IF anyone ever does.
  18. I find adult coloring books to be a terrible idea with good marketing.
  19. I watched a movie that showed a couple having a threesome and I knew, that could never be me.
  20. Going to a “clothing optional” resort was not the big deal that I thought it would be. When everyone is doing what you are doing, no one notices you. iman-1463262_640
  21. Thinking about doing something always takes longer than just getting up and doing it.
  22. Eggs, yolks and all, are healthy, cheap, and versatile. I love eggs!
  23. I have not jumped on the organic crazy. I still buy whatever fruits and veggies are available.
  24. I am really quite tired of all the “trends” that appear each year.
  25. The ability to work from home has greatly improved the work aspect of my life.

Feel free to share your random thoughts in the comments!

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